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toward a design of : wholeness, alignment, art, slowness, discovery, the rare, the collected, the exceptional, the resonant, the sensory.

away from: commodity, flimsy, transactional, latest & greatest, the opulent, the serious, the universal, the anywhere.

We are a boutique, full-service interior architecture and design practice exploring the intersection of integrated well-being and space. We believe that our homes and brand spaces are oft-overlooked vehicles for self-reflection and narrative, capable of nurturing more aligned, holistic, creative, healthy, and joyful lives. We use the three-dimensional confines of space to reconnect people with their values and frameworks, creating outward manifestations of complex inner landscapes.

So, why are we (meaningfully) different? We’ve redesigned a better process, we ask different questions, and we interest clients who, like us, seek a new way in a world saturated by options. The work is born from biographies, filtered into atmosphere, and manifested to matter. Never confined to an aesthetic, the studio’s spaces are a reflection of the humans that occupy them. You are excavator, editor, storyteller, dreamer; We are vision-keeper, collaborator, artist, shepherd. Design, here, is a verb: an exercise in balancing the tone and quality of holistic space with the playful, the irreverent, the functional, and the evocative. Our work, at its core, is a contribution to human vitality: softening the gap between who we are and who we can be. 

What we do is a process, not a product. But in the end, the studio’s work calculates the synthesis of human senses and personal histories to create spaces that are at once precise, rebellious, and often described as un-design. The faceted approach delivers experience-forward spaces that calibrate, embrace, and celebrate the choreography of our lives.

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Melanie Raines is a registered architect and interior designer interested in harnessing the power of space to intimately and measurably affect daily life. She has earned a reputation for fearless and spirited design, honed by the world of boutique hotels and restaurants and refined by over a decade of experience across Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Austin. Before starting her eponymous practice in 2020, Melanie fostered a foundation in intimate residential work under David Mann at MR Architecture & Decor (NYC) and worked in hospitality design with Soho House & Co. (NYC, L.A.), Bunkhouse Group (Austin), and New Waterloo (Austin). She considers each building process to be a laboratory for exploration, alongside inspiration drawn from dance, film, modern art, and many (many) visits to the Pacific Ocean.