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where space meets psyche.

Hardholy is a project of the design practice MELANIE RAINES concerned with ontological environments: the idea that by shaping our spaces, we shape ourselves.

By research, writing, speaking, and community engagement, Hardholy bridges the traditional practices of architecture and interior design with the issues of our time. The result is a methodology of creating spaces of lasting meaning. Elements of the work include:


Many design practices speak about creating soul in space, but we carefully calibrate that which is seen and unseen to create emotional resonances. This integral approach to the work cultivates an enduring, living quality to the cinematic spaces we make. Take a peek into this inquiry via the essays.


We’ve collaborated with The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, WELL, coaches, and psychologists to refine the process with evidence-based methods for better, more meaningful design.


All of our full-service projects are guided by the Hardholy™ Method, a participatory design process that blends industry standard project milestones with our story-forward approach. Through an immersive, workshop-based program, we ensure that every project is rooted in specific needs and objectives as well as identity and aspiration, rather than trend or aesthetics. Our collaborative process begins with active listening, enabling us to co-create a complete vision that resonates with our clients on a deeper level. By leading with narrative instead of image, clients develop a stronger connection to their spaces, viewing them as authentic reflections of their identity and purpose. Along the way, we draw upon our studio’s expertise in materiality and sensory experience to imbue each space with tactile meaning, scent, and ritual – bringing the work to life.

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